Best Flowers for Valentines Day

Flowers are a great way to show someone that you love or care for them on Valentine's Day in Tampa. Each flower has a different meaning. For example, some flowers stand for friendship, and some flowers stand for love. So what are the best flowers for Valentines Day?


Roses top the list of the most popular Valentines Day Flowers. These are most commonly sold in a dozen, half dozen, or even a single rose. As Valentine's Day approaches, florists everywhere begin advertising sales for dozen red roses that are fairly affordable. Grocery stores and gas stations also begin to stock up on these flowers as it nears the special holiday. Roses are a popular flower because they symbolize romance and passion and because they have a nice aroma that lasts for a while. There are also many varieties of roses, and they all symbolize something different. For example, red roses symbolize deep emotion. Pink roses, depending on the shade, can symbolize appreciation, admiration, and are even sent to a friend. Yellow roses are things people closely relate to the sun and are sent to cheer people up.


Carnations are also popular Valentine's flowers. They are much more affordable but just as pretty as roses. Carnations are also very versatile flowers, and their colors have different meanings as well. These flowers can be given to just about anyone as they have so many different meanings. Much like a rose, a red carnation symbolizes romance and deep emotion. Yellow carnations do not necessarily have a good meaning. They are more related to disappointment and failure. Purple carnations are great for apologies. No matter the color, a beautiful bouquet of carnations is a great gesture for a special person.


Tulips are a great expression of love on Valentine's Day. They are easily identifiable and affordable. They are a great alternative to a rose but generally are about the same cost. These flowers also have different meanings based on their colors. Most of the meanings are very similar to that of a rose with the main exception being a purple tulip which symbolizes royalty.


A lily is a very elegant flower with a great fragrance. They are also a very long lasting flower. Lilies come in blooms such as calla lilies, stargazer lilies, Casablanca lilies, and day lilies. All of these types of lilies have different meanings too. The Casablanca may be the most different from any other flower with its meaning of celebration.

All flowers have a special meaning on Valentine's Day. Focus on the meaning of the flower and the message that one is trying to send to a person with the flowers. If that is done, you can't go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of any kind.


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